Ivy Leaf Pendant in Fine Silver with a Sterling Silver Chain


Made using a real leaf.


Each piece of leaf jewellery is unique as it is made from a real leaf.  The veins are shown in exquisite detail.  The leaf itself is made from fine silver (.999) which means it will not tarnish.  The findings including the chain is made from sterling silver (.925) as it is more durable.

The leaf is painted with a liquid of fine silver particles suspended in a binding agent.  After several coats over the next day or two, the leaf is ready to go in the kiln where it is heated to about 900oC.  In the kiln, the binding agent evaporates and leaf burns off leaving behind a fine silver impression.

Leaf dimensions- 19 x 15 mm

Chain length- 18 inch

All Brigantium Design’s jewellery is sent in a gift box.

All Brigantium Design’s jewellery is sent to you in a gift box.