Brigantium Designs is a small craft workshop in Darlington, North East England, UK, specialising in authentic hand-crafted silver jewellery.


ORIGINS of Brigantium

Brigante Horse Mask
Brigante Horse Mask

The name Brigantium comes from the first recorded people who inhabited the area in pre-Roman times, known as the “Brigantes“. The name Brigante, means high or elevated ones, and is thought to refer to their encampments that supposedly rested high on the Penine hills. It was the Roman Empire’s need of silver, that brought the Empire into conflict with Brigantes, and a hundred years of conquest and rebellion. Though ironically very little silver was ever found in the hills, lead (which probably gave rise the stories of “silver in the hills”) mining did become a flourishing industry over time.

Notably the Brigantes were ruled by the first recorded and acknowledged Queen of a British tribe, Cartimandua. Although not as well known as her contemporary Boudaicea, she still forged a notable path for her people that meant some small part of their history remains in the landscape to this day. It is from this landscape and mythology that Brigantium Designs draws it inspiration through the crafts they create and forge.