Red Tagua Nut with Sterling Silver Necklace


Ethical pendant made from vegetable ivory that is set to save the rainforest and the elephant!


This tagua nut slice has been polished and hand dyed a striking red colour.

Tagua Nuts – also known as Vegetable Ivory is a seed that comes from Phytelephas Macrocarpa palm tree that grows in the tropical rainforest of South America. Tagua nuts are providing jobs for local people which is in turn saving the rainforest as less people are cutting down trees to make farming land to live off. Jobs include collecting, drying, polishing, dying. The Tagua nut has a similar texture and density to ivory and so is replacing the slaughter of mammals (elephants and other) for their tusks in the textile and fashion industries. In one year, one tagua palm produces as much ivory as an average female African elephant and is 100% vegan.

All the silver metal work including the chain is sterling silver (.925).

Nut length – 33mm
Nut width – 22mm
Pendant length from top of bail – 44mm.

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