Real Pure Silver Leaf Pendant with Chain


A unique piece of jewellery made from a real leaf.



These leaves were made from a real leaf which has been painted using a paint made from fine silver powder and a binding agent.  After many coats, the leaf goes in a kiln to about 900C where the leaf burns off and the binding agent evaporates.  This results in a piece of unique jewellery in which the veins of the leaf can still be seen.

We have many leaves from different plants, please indicate which you would like.

The chain is made from sterling silver and comes in 16″ or 18″ lengths.

Also in the range are earrings and charm bracelets, individual charms can also be purchased.

Additional information

Leaf Type

Hazel, Blackberry, Gooseberry, Lemon Scented Geranium, Tomato, Weigela, Buttercup, Ivy, Violet